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2020-07-14 08:28 pm
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New Community

I now have prints of my artwork for sale on my personal community [ profile] buckets_of_rust.

Go check them out! =D
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2011-04-22 01:34 pm


I just got this e-mail. *SOB*

The initial demand for the Isaac Clarke's Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter far exceeded our projections and all of the initial stock received has been exhausted.
Unfortunately there were not enough to fulfill your order.

Your order is on a valid backorder.

The next batch from the manufacturer has been shipped and scheduled to arrive in port on 18 May 2011.

Assuming we do not experience any problems with customs clearance (sometimes customs wants to be sure they are not real plasma cutters or weapons) we should have them in our distribution center by 1st week of June 2011.

We will provide an update when we confirm the ship has arrived in port.

We are sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

Bill Gordon

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2010-07-21 06:28 pm
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Commission Details

Just added commission details on my art community [ profile] buckets_of_rust. Please check them out. Any help is appreciated. :)

Sorry for those of you that are watching/joining the community, it's a one-time large post, promise. <3
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2008-02-03 06:22 pm

Welcome to my Journal

Sorry, but this journal is friends-locked. Feel free to friend if you want lots of transformers talk and some real life rambling. <3